Monday, February 2, 2009

Where have all the flowers gone?

The flowers being a metaphor for sunshine, positivity and optimism.

I don't know what has happened, but something has changed. I used to be a pretty positive person. Not much really got me down. I could find the silver lining in most situations and even if something did get me down, it was short-lived. My husband thinks he knows the answer...I have spent too much time with him.

These days I feel like I am constantly complaining. If something could go wrong, I find it. Even if I wake up saying that today will be better, once I get to work I feel the heavy, overwhelming load of my job.

Now I don't feel this way during the weekend while I am at home. Perhaps it is job related. But, as a teacher, I can't be grumpy all the time. It is not good for me, or the students...who wants a grumpy teacher??

I am working on finding the joy in the little things. Perhaps I will jot something great (let's start with good) that happens at school each night (or reserving the end of the day at school for celebrating something positive with my students). In any event, something must change!

I will keep you updated on my positivity practice:-)


lori said...

good luck with that! i sometimes remind myself that the kiddos in my class are someone's kids too, just like i want liv to have a positive day, these kids should get that from me too! helps...sometimes!

Jen said...

Thank you Lori. I needed to hear that!
I so much miss your insight on a daily basis!!!