Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Days

It is not news to many people that snow days bring screams of joy to young (and older) kids. The reality is, teachers, truly, are the ones who are more excited. Looking at the TV or checking online is maddening. Each time a new district comes on the list, you hope and pray that yours will be too. You get irritated when it is not, and the "it's not fairs" come flying. Then, when you get the call or see it on TV, you are the one with screams of joy.
Before becoming a mom I loved snow days...for different reasons. I got to stay in my pjs all day, sleep in, watch junkie TV. Now, I love telling my girl that today is a stay home day. We love it. We might still stay in our pjs all day and sleep in. Junkie TV is replaced with doing puzzles, crafts (she is into cutting paper into bits right now) and watching her favorite movie (anything to do with horses). It is also such a night rejuvenator for coming back. An unexpected rest has occured and things are good again.
Enjoy the snow everyone. I will end with a haiku:

White Beauty

Snow is falling down.
The ground is a white blanket.
Flakes tickle my nose.

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lori said...

okay,imiss snow days, but NOTHING about the snow or cold!