Saturday, November 6, 2010


Last week I was reading an Oprah magazine and was reminded of the "Gratitude Journals" that she did a show on a while back. I asked Clarie if she would like to start a "Thankful Journal" to put down things that we are thankful for. She was all for it. We went to Target and each bought a new journal to keep our thankfuls in.

Since that night, she has been so excited to write in hers after her bath and before we read books. She never has to stop and think about what to write down...the thankfuls come so easily for her.
Even the other night, when she was pretty upset at bedtime, she was able to quickly come up with her thankfuls.

I love that we end our days with being thankful for the important...and not so important things in our life.

I was going to post just a few of her "thankfuls" but I couldn't decide what to leave out, so I put it all...I typed them just as she wrote then in her journal. I love her wording and her heart! Enjoy!!

Nov. 2
I am thankful for...
-a loving teacher
-a loving mama
-and a loving daddy

Nov. 3
I am thankful for...
1-the dogs
2-my cusins
3-good friends
4-Megan!!! (
this is her play therapist)
5-a house
6-a big backyard
7-an aunt and uncle

Nov. 4
I am thankful for...
1-being able to have self control!!!
2-a patient mama
3-a patient daddy
4-tow good dogs
5-my room
6-my bed

Nov. 5
I am thankful for...
1-a nice mama
2-visiting my grandparints in Datine!
3-my grandma and grandpa
4-having good days in school
5-playing with my dogs
6-and having fun!!

Nov. 6
I am thankful for...
1-good books
3-riding a pony
6-a patient teacher
-my music
-my PJ's!
I'm so lucky to have a mom

What are you thankful for?