Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In due time

We have been getting our house ready to sell over the past week or so. Because the bedrooms in our house are pretty small, one thing we decided to do was get some of the bigger beds out of the smaller rooms. Claire's room is the smallest and we had a full size bed in there. We moved that to the spare room and put the queen bed that was in there in storage. We put Claire's old toddler bed (that she probably slept in a total of 1 week) in her room. We figured she would sleep in her bed in the spare room for the time being.
Well, she was so excited about that toddler bed that she is sleeping in there now! Who would have thought. She is a little big, but she fits and is comfortable. I am glad we can get some use out of it. Here is a picture of her in her "new bed".

Now that we have moved some of the bigger furniture into storage, our rooms really do look bigger. We are not close, but we are getting there!!!