Friday, July 23, 2010


Not too long ago, a friend on Facebook posted a comment about people. She said she pretty much had no faith in people today.

"I'm reminded yet again why we must always put our trust and hope in HIM and never people. People will let you down....every single time. Disappointing....but a good reminder."

When I read this, I assumed it was a friend who disappointed her. I could be wrong, but really, when someone is a friend and they disappoint you, it hurts much more than just some Joe Schmoe off the street wronging you.

It really made me sad to read that. While I agree that (for me and others) putting trust and hope in God is important, I could not ever discount the importance of putting the same trust and hope in people.

I have had my share of disappointments in people, and the ones that hurt the most are from friends. But, I would not trade the friends I have for anything. Life is life. Things can't be perfect. I am sure I have disappointed people in my life as well. But to decide to not put your hope and faith into others can leave quite a void.

Unfortunately, disappointments are a fact of life. How you handle disappointment can say a lot about your character. I try to teach my daughter that when you are confronted with disappointment, see how you can find the silver lining.

Don't lose faith in people. They may not always be there the way you want them to be, but if the friendship is worth it, then the disappointment can be worked through.