Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Claire Funny

I have been sooo negligent about blogging lately. Claire has said a couple funnies lately so I thought I would share...

*Today in the car I asked her what she would do if someone came up to her and asked her what her name was but she didn't know them and mama or daddy weren't around...I would say NO and run to the police. OK...good enough answer. Then I asked her what she would do if the person said they lost their dog and wanted her help finding it or had a horse she could see...what would she do then. No response. I asked here again what she thought. Her reply (in a teenagery annoyed exasperated whine)....Do I have to answer these questions? They are freaking me out?!
God love her!!

I need to blog more frequently because she is constantly saying these things that crack me up.

More to come...summer is almost here. That means, more time for blogging!