Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where does it all go???

Since school is out for the summer, and we have not been paying $185 a week for daycare, I have been wondering where in the heck our money has gone.

I figured we could be putting over $700 in savings each month this summer
...since we were not paying for day care.
There are many things I wanted to accomplish this summer,
...all of which cost money to take care of.
First, we have to worry about getting a roof fixed or replaced.
Also, we were trying to get pregnant
...for us that cost about $2,000 for medicine).
There were also numerous other household projects that needed to be done
...since I wanted to put the house up for sale.
But each time I would bring these topics up for conversation,
my dear husband would bring up the
...we don't have the money for it routine.
I would say we do, we just need to prioritize our spending
...he would insist again that we don't.
He and I would argue about whether or not to keep our once a month cleaning guy
...that cost us $125.

But, the straw that broke the camel's back
was when I told him we needed to purchase tickets for an outside concert
that we had given as a Christmas gift to friends.

The tickets did not go on sale until the summer,
but we told the friends at Christmas that we owe them a night out
for the concert of their choice.

Brian said we didn't have the money,
...we should just tell them that we can't do it.

I was fuming.
You don't just go and take a gift away from someone.
And, we have the money
...or at least we should!!

So, I got online into our banking account see just where all of this money is going.

I added up all restaurant totals
...including if we just stopped at Wendy's for a Frosty.

I was shocked and disgusted at the total.
In just the month of July
...which is not even over I might add,
we spent
on food!!!!!

Who does that?

I am so glad I looked. Now we can really take a look at where our money is going and we don't have to say that we don't have the money for something, unless we really don't.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Letter To My Ovaries

Dear Ovaries,
I usually do not write to my reproductive organs, but after this last appointment, the doctor said it couldn't hurt, so here goes.
You need to get off your butt (or butts) and start working. You have spent much too long just sitting around wasting time. Oh, sure, about five years ago you threw us a bone. Finally you grew some follicles, released an egg (after taking your own sweet time I might add) and you gave us our girl.

Don't get me wrong. She is our everything. We couldn't ask for a more special girl who makes us laugh, is so smart and has such an independent spirit. But, we want a sister or brother for her. Is that really too much to ask? I only need one. That is it...just ONE. I know what you are thinking. You are pissed off at me for all of those years of birth control pills that forced you to do your jobs. I can relate. I don't like being told what to do either. Well, you can only go so long being selfish. After this, you can retire. I don't care if you shrivel up into little raisins, head out to Florida or travel the world. Just give us this one more chance and you are free from our reins forever.
Take some cues from the organ about a foot away from you and have a heart. You could make some people very happy. You could be my hero!!!
With all my love and encouragement,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What the...???

Lori over at
Mommy's Take On Things
is thinking of starting a weekly interactive blog entitled
"What The...???
I didn't know if I would be able to come across anything to do a weekly WT...???
but, Facebook did not let me down.
The most recent poll I have come across is
What the....????
In my opinion,
the guy was a great musician and entertainer,
but come on people
Is he truly the person we want
the kids of the world to reflect on his special day?
Hmmm....freaky behavior,
accusations of child molestation (more than once)?
That got me to thinking
about other people we have national holidays for...
Martin Luther King Jr., there anyone else???
I am all for supporting all of the arts,
but a national holiday?
What the...???

Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's Just Like Riding a Bike

As I am typing this, I have sweat dripping down my face and back...and I am sweating in places you may not be interested in knowing about.
After almost ten years, I have gone on a bike ride.
Last weekend my husband bought himself a bike. He wanted to find a way to exercise and thought that riding a bike to work would be a good idea. I have yet to get my bike, so I decided to use his to return some books to the library this evening.
Truly, I was
PUMPED UP for this excursion. After dinner I gathered the books, donned the bike helmet, and set off with "be careful" warnings from my husband. Riding down the slight hill of my court was delightful. The breeze not rushing through my hair (darn helmet) but rushing into my face felt amazing. Once I rounded the curve however, reality set in...this is harder than I remember.
When I was living in Bowling Green, especially before I had a car, I rode my bike everywhere. I could even balance a
HUGE duffel bag of laundry on the handle bars and pedal my way to the laundromat. It never seemed like exercise. This didn't really seem like exercise either...but it sure felt like it.
It took me only about fifteen minutes to reach my destination. I dropped off the books and hopped back on the bike for what I felt would be an excruciating ride back. I came to realize that it really wasn't too bad.
I am really excited to get my own bike so we can ride as a family. Luckily, Claire will be able to keep up with me.
It seems I may have finally found a way to get my big old butt off the couch and start moving.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Still A Novice...

I have decided...
that I have not explored all that I can do with my blog.
I want to see the simple things that might make my blog look a bit nicer.
Some Different Fonts To Try Out
As well as some...
different sized texts
My dear friend Lori
at Mommy's Take On Things
has impressed me quite a bit...what an inspiration!

Hopefully I will be able to really have some fun with my blog by learning more and more this summer...until then...

Happy Blogging Everyone!!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Swap Stuff

Just got my package from by blog swap buddy. This is the second time I have done a Mamarazzi swap. They are SO MUCH FUN!

Here is my loot!

Tammy, from One Frustrated Momma, hooked me up with some Fourth of July Decorations including candle of the red, white and blue variety, wooden firecracker decorations, a red, white and blue bandana, festive star dishcloths, a flag clip, socks, and a red star candy bowl. There were a few vintage Fourth of July tags and a Women's Day magazine. She also sent a silver necklace with a flag, heart and peace sign...Claire has already got that one on!

Here are a couple of close up pics!
These are the wooden firecracker decorations:

These are the vintage looking Fourth of July tags:

This is the cute necklace that Claire has been wearing (I scammed it to wear on the 4th though :-)

Thank you for sending the package my way Tammy.

You can check out her blog here!

Thanks to Mammarazzi for hosting a fun swap. Looking forward to the next!!!

What's The Buzz????

Notice anything interesting in this picture?

Well, if you look a little closer....

If you look a little closer still...

Brian was working on trimming our tree when he suddenly had to stop. What do you do with something like this? While we were standing there, bees were just flying back and forth. I thought I would hear some buzzing, but I couldn't really hear anything. Brian thought he might get some wasp spray and attack! I told him he might just get swarmed and stung. Still not sure what to do.

Here is one last picture to give a size comparison...

If anyone has any suggestions for what we can do with this thing, it would be greatly appreciated.

To get up close and personal with the little buggers, double click on the pic!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Only One Cousin Over This Time

And now a word from our sponsor...uhhh...I mean nephew...

Take it away Ethan!

I had a great night with the one and only cousin Clarie! I hope you had a great night Clarie. See ya!