Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where does it all go???

Since school is out for the summer, and we have not been paying $185 a week for daycare, I have been wondering where in the heck our money has gone.

I figured we could be putting over $700 in savings each month this summer
...since we were not paying for day care.
There are many things I wanted to accomplish this summer,
...all of which cost money to take care of.
First, we have to worry about getting a roof fixed or replaced.
Also, we were trying to get pregnant
...for us that cost about $2,000 for medicine).
There were also numerous other household projects that needed to be done
...since I wanted to put the house up for sale.
But each time I would bring these topics up for conversation,
my dear husband would bring up the
...we don't have the money for it routine.
I would say we do, we just need to prioritize our spending
...he would insist again that we don't.
He and I would argue about whether or not to keep our once a month cleaning guy
...that cost us $125.

But, the straw that broke the camel's back
was when I told him we needed to purchase tickets for an outside concert
that we had given as a Christmas gift to friends.

The tickets did not go on sale until the summer,
but we told the friends at Christmas that we owe them a night out
for the concert of their choice.

Brian said we didn't have the money,
...we should just tell them that we can't do it.

I was fuming.
You don't just go and take a gift away from someone.
And, we have the money
...or at least we should!!

So, I got online into our banking account see just where all of this money is going.

I added up all restaurant totals
...including if we just stopped at Wendy's for a Frosty.

I was shocked and disgusted at the total.
In just the month of July
...which is not even over I might add,
we spent
on food!!!!!

Who does that?

I am so glad I looked. Now we can really take a look at where our money is going and we don't have to say that we don't have the money for something, unless we really don't.

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