Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Story Written By Claire Petry...

Franklin and the Rabbit
By: Claire Petry

I was in the backyard when I saw a rabbit hopping across the yard. Franklin chased it, but he stopped. He looked as if he were best friends. But I was not sure, so I went to get a closer look, and the rabbit let me pick it up. But then Franklin chased ME instead of the rabbit! It was really really weird because I had never seen one dog be friends with a rabbit. I could tell they were friends because they looked alike. And I had seen this rabbit before. It was the same one that Daddy had poked out from behind the fence. I knew it was the same one because it was the same size. Franklin did not know what to do, so he went and got Daddy. I showed him the rabbit, and Daddy said, "I know that rabbit." Then I got Mama and she said, "I know that rabbit, too!" It was so weird that both of my parents knew that rabbit.
The End

PS I wrote this story because part of it was really true.

Friday, October 1, 2010


WOW! Has it really been the beginning of August since I last blogged. Actually, that is not entirely true. My teaching partners and I have a team blog that I have contributed to, but even that in the last week or so has been neglected by me.
Sooooo...I often head over to Mamarazzi to see what is shaking. She has done a couple of Q and A's I figured stealing a bloggy idea might be better than neglecting for as long as I have :-).

So...here I go
1. Do you collect anything? What is it?
Not anymore...when I was younger I collected Mickey Mouse stuff. Now I just don't need the extra clutter.

2. What room in the house would you most like to remodel. Would your answer change if someone else was paying for it?
The kitchen...I would knock out the wall that separates the kitchen and living room. When I try to entertain, it is always so closed off and small! Second choice....knock down the wall downstairs so we have one big room instead of a family room and computer room.

3. What is your LEAST favorite chore? Do you hate it enough to get a maid to do it, or are you too anal for that?
I hate cleaning in general. We had to get rid of our cleaning guy that came once a month and I SOOOOOOOOO miss him! I HATE HATE HATE cleaning the bathrooms and doing yardwork!!!

4. Have you ever had a broken bone? What, and how?
I broke one of my finger/hand bones in a car accident. There is a calcification in the spot where I broke it that I can still feel.

5. Music. Do you have a go to album that you play to get you motivated, or do you just blare the radio, and pray that something peppy comes on?
I usually put the iPod in and pick and choose. If I put shuffle on I have to hear Black Sabbath and Iggy Pop...not what I am usually in the mood for, although they do have a time and place.

6. How do you keep track of your schedule? Old fashioned calendar? Set alerts on your phone? Fly by the seat of your pants, and pray you don't forget a parent/teacher conference?
I such at keeping a calendar or anything of the sort. I just hope someone reminds me to be where I need to be when I need to be there!

7. Cooking, baking or neither?
I like to bake, but nothing ever seems to turn out.I think my oven is possessed!

8. Are you brand name specific, or are generics just as good? What is one product you would NEVER replace with a generic brand?
Normally I am a brand name girl with food. Some things I don't mind generic...cereal is one of them. But my cheese and peanut butter (JIF ONLY PLEASE!) are usually the brand name.

Round Two will come later in the week!!!!
Have fun reading!
Comment your answers to the same questions for me!!!