Thursday, June 25, 2009

Starting to feel anxious

When Brian and I were trying to get pregnant with Claire, I was OBSESSED! We struggled for about a year and a half. We were SO lucky that all it took was clomid (five rounds) to get our girl, but considering what we are going through, that was a piece of cake. That being said, there was so much more pressure. I was constantly online reading information about many books. I found a wonderfully supportive forum for women TTC. It became my lifeline. No one really understands infertility unless they have gone through it. These women's stories were my stories. When I finally saw the positive pregnancy test, I was not even sure I could believe it. For weeks I worried that it wouldn't last. But, of course, we got our girl. I have always known how lucky we were to even get pregnant. We figured we got our blessing. Another baby would be the bonus.
But, since Claire was one, we have been hoping for another. I always knew I wanted a sibling for Claire. At first it was important to me that the kids were not too far apart in age. I wanted them to be able to play together. Well, five years later, I see that is not going to be the case. Now I just know that I want Claire to have a sibling "for the future". I want her to have someone to talk to that will understand her and be there for her.
So we decided to go ahead with a stronger fertility medication. It does worry us that we might have more than one baby, but we are willing to do it. So that is a bit where mt anxiety lies. Another point is that...the likelihood of it working the first time is not in our favor. We did try one round of fertility meds a couple of years ago and it didn't work. We had to stop midcycle since my body was not responding. It really devastated me. It took us two years to make the decision to try again. So, I guess this isn't the first round :-) My luck just went up.
We should start with the medication sometime early next week. I am scared, but hopeful.
Our family deserves this and I am ready!!!

The Cousins Are Over

My niece and nephew were over so I had them contribute to my blog about their sleepover. Ethan is 9, Sydney is 11 1/2. Claire, as you can see, was not interested.

From Ethan's Point of View:
It was a great night in the toddler bed that Claire has, but I couldn't fall asleep in it because it was too small! I mean, seriously small. The next day I had fun riding a pony named Sugarscoop. He pulled us in a cart and that is about it today. See you later folks.

From Sydney's Point of View:
Last night (June 24) I kept trying to pull the blankets back from Miss Claire who was trying to steal them from me!!! In the morning I got up and was petting Fletcher who was laying on the end the bed. Then we had pancakes and bacon in the morning. Then we rode a pony (Sugerscoop) and he pulled us in a cart. In the afternoon we played in Clarie's pool for awhile and kept jumping in. Later we were all in shock that Michael Jackson had died Thursday June 25 around noon. Then Ethan went to our grandma's house and I slept over at Auntie Jen's, Uncle Brian's, and Claire's house again. Clarie and I watched the first part of Over The Hedge. Today I am super super super excited for COMFEST!!!!!!!!!!!

From Claire's Point of View:
I don't want to do a blog because it is no fun.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Eight Years Ago today...

he went off the market...

For a long time I waited...
I was the eternal optimist. I knew there was someone out there for me. Occasionally I would get discouraged, maybe feel a bit lonely, but somewhere in my heart, I knew he was out there for me.
Brian and I met the fall of my sophomore year at a friend's apartment. My friends and I would go there many Fridays. Brian and John went to high school together and Brian came to Bowling Green to party. When I first met him, he was stair diving *he has smartened up quite a bit since then*. We were acquaintances first, then friends. We might see each other when "the group" got together but that was about it.
Then, one May ten years ago at a friend's wedding, he kissed me. He was not in his right mind and I was not pleased. He was a friend of mine...what was he thinking?? One month later, we were at a housewarming party sitting close on the couch. I started feeling it a bit, but nothing happened...just some flutters of hmmmmm????????? The following month *July* we saw each other again at a friend's house for a cookout. When I asked who was showing up, John said..your kissy boy (truly I had no idea that he was talking about Brian-I had put that kiss out of my head) but it put something back into my head. I began to wonder what if. I felt a bit awkward that night when I saw him (which was only for about a half hour), but he stopped by my apartment on his way back to Columbus. We went for pizza and played a trivia game. (I won:-), but he was great competition. That is when I really started thinking about him. I thought about him so much that when my friend and I returned from vacation a month later, I was trying to discreetly invite him to dinner the night we got back. I stopped at his place, but he was at a concert. I left him a note telling him to call me when he was up in Toledo the following week.
About a week later I was sweeping the floors at ChiChis at closing time when I heard a knock on the window. It was him! I felt so giddy inside. He stopped in and I had him head to my place to wait for me to finish so we could go get a beer. That was the first night of the rest of my life with Brian.
Ups, downs...laughs, cries...he is my best friend. He loves me for who I am, faults and all. I am blessed that I have someone in my life that loves me so much and would do anything for me.
Thank you, God, for finally bringing him to me. I knew it would be worth the wait.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Strawberry Day

Today we went with some friends to go strawberry picking. I have never been (in my 37 years) and I can't believe what I was missing out on. It was a blast! I got such a jolt when I would find the perfect strawberry. The smell was amazing! Claire really enjoyed herself, which I am glad for since we WILL be heading back before the season is over!
Of course, our strawberry picking day would not be complete without some yummy strawberry shortcake. This is how I like it...pound cake or short cake, mashed strawberries (with a smidge of sugar), vanilla bean ice cream, and whipped cream on top!
Since I forgot my camera for the strawberry picking pictures, I made sure that I took a picture of the most important part after dinner.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Ten Things I Love About Summer

Got this blog idea from Mamarazzi-Thought I could steal an idea from her. No pictures, like her post, but I would LOVE to hear what you love about summer!!!

1. Hanging my clothes on the line to dry.
2. Laying in the hammock.
3. Big Brother
4. Sleeping with the windows open
5. More time to read books (for pleasure, not for work)
6. Watching my sister's kids.
7. Sleeping in!
8. Not having to grade papers!!
9. Picnic with the Pops!
10. Spending the day with my girl!!!!

Party Segregation

We had a double graduation party this weekend. My friend, Sarah, and I laughed, cried and stressed through our masters together and decided that we definitely deserved a party. She got her family and friends together, I got my family and friends together, and our work friends came too. To tell the truth, it was a great party. Good food (notice what I put first), great beverages (awesome sangria made my our dear Dianna), fun tunes (party mix cleverly compiled by Brian), and the best weather.
One thing to work segregation. The first to arrive were the parents. The congregated together under the big canopy, started to have a couple drinks and eat some food. They seemed to be getting along fine.

Then friends and work buddies started showing up. Work buddies got together under the other tent to catch up (yeah, we hadn't seen each other since the day before)

and other Columbus friends got in their groups.

At one point, Brian said he was going to make everyone move three seats to the right. It was difficult spreading myself to all of the groups. I didn't want to spend too much time with one group, but I also wanted to make sure that I spent some time with friends that I don't see very often.
That being said, I believe everyone had a great time. If I didn't think I would go insane, I would consider going for my PhD (haha) just for the party.
I also came to another conclusion...I love to have parties! They are a lot of work, but really fun!
The kids also got into the fun (thanks for letting us borrow the water slide Tiffany and Ryan-it was a bit hit!)

This post is in honor of my dear friend, Terri, who I can't believe I forgot to send an invitation to! Please forgive me, my dear friend. I do love you!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Swap

It is time for another blog swap!

Mamarazzi has an awesome swap going on! I participated in a previous swap and it was oh so much fun! Check her out and see if you qualify to participate.