Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Cousins Are Over

My niece and nephew were over so I had them contribute to my blog about their sleepover. Ethan is 9, Sydney is 11 1/2. Claire, as you can see, was not interested.

From Ethan's Point of View:
It was a great night in the toddler bed that Claire has, but I couldn't fall asleep in it because it was too small! I mean, seriously small. The next day I had fun riding a pony named Sugarscoop. He pulled us in a cart and that is about it today. See you later folks.

From Sydney's Point of View:
Last night (June 24) I kept trying to pull the blankets back from Miss Claire who was trying to steal them from me!!! In the morning I got up and was petting Fletcher who was laying on the end the bed. Then we had pancakes and bacon in the morning. Then we rode a pony (Sugerscoop) and he pulled us in a cart. In the afternoon we played in Clarie's pool for awhile and kept jumping in. Later we were all in shock that Michael Jackson had died Thursday June 25 around noon. Then Ethan went to our grandma's house and I slept over at Auntie Jen's, Uncle Brian's, and Claire's house again. Clarie and I watched the first part of Over The Hedge. Today I am super super super excited for COMFEST!!!!!!!!!!!

From Claire's Point of View:
I don't want to do a blog because it is no fun.


lori said...

hee hee hee! i love claire!

lori said...

i am semi back with my computer and will hooking up with you later this week!