Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's Just Like Riding a Bike

As I am typing this, I have sweat dripping down my face and back...and I am sweating in places you may not be interested in knowing about.
After almost ten years, I have gone on a bike ride.
Last weekend my husband bought himself a bike. He wanted to find a way to exercise and thought that riding a bike to work would be a good idea. I have yet to get my bike, so I decided to use his to return some books to the library this evening.
Truly, I was
PUMPED UP for this excursion. After dinner I gathered the books, donned the bike helmet, and set off with "be careful" warnings from my husband. Riding down the slight hill of my court was delightful. The breeze not rushing through my hair (darn helmet) but rushing into my face felt amazing. Once I rounded the curve however, reality set in...this is harder than I remember.
When I was living in Bowling Green, especially before I had a car, I rode my bike everywhere. I could even balance a
HUGE duffel bag of laundry on the handle bars and pedal my way to the laundromat. It never seemed like exercise. This didn't really seem like exercise either...but it sure felt like it.
It took me only about fifteen minutes to reach my destination. I dropped off the books and hopped back on the bike for what I felt would be an excruciating ride back. I came to realize that it really wasn't too bad.
I am really excited to get my own bike so we can ride as a family. Luckily, Claire will be able to keep up with me.
It seems I may have finally found a way to get my big old butt off the couch and start moving.


lori said...

we love our bike rides! i have started riding on days i don't do kickboxing...good exercise! i fact you have motivated me to go get on mine tonight!

Debbie said...

I have loved riding my bike this summer (although seriously I am sweating right now just sitting upstairs so the bike rides I understand about the sweat, ha!).

How fun to enjoy your first bike ride in a while. I'm impressed you used to do that with laundry.