Sunday, January 11, 2009

These people are the same age I am

We went out to celebrate a friend's thirtieth birthday last night. After a great dinner at Gordon Birsch (great food, by the way), we decided to head to a bar that was pretty close by to hang out. Well, we got there pretty early, so things started out fine. About twenty minutes after we got there, they turned the music up...and the music wasn't even that great. Now, if Come On Eileen were playing, things would have been fine, but that was not the case. A couple of hours into the night, I looked around and thought, you know, these people are my age. Ummmmm, no! They were in their twenties, and as my husband would say...I am pushing forty. Now I just turned 37, so I would have to disagree with him about that, but I am definitely closer to 40 than my twenties.
When will I feel as old as I really am?

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lori said...

we, a group of about 6 adults,ranging in age 35-50, walked into a local bar.literally, the whole place turned and looked at us for like 30seconds...strange feeling. they must have thought the nursing home was on a field trip...they looked 18!