Saturday, February 21, 2009

Finding Friends

I have joined the world of Facebook and one of the things I have loved more than anything about it is reconnecting with old friends. Imagine my surprise today when I was able to do this the old fashion way...I bumped into my first roomie from college at a conference! I guess this does still happen, but after not seeing someone for over five years and then seeing them sitting in the same room that you--well, it just seems a bit surreal.
So here is the scene...
I sit down and get ready to hear a lecture on struggling readers when I glance over and that Fee? Not being so sure (which I am embarrassed that I had trouble being sure), I decided to play it cool. So I creepily kept looking at her. I figured that if I keep looking her way, she will eventually look my way and I can give her a smile. Well, that happened, but when I smiled, her smile back was one of those not of recognition, but more so of a pleasant, "Ok, I will smile back to this weird woman looking at me." I decided that it had to be a look alike person. Surely she would know me (What is the logic in that? I was not sure it was her!). I kept looking her way for the hour or so of the lecture. Then, I spy a ski tag on her coat. Hey, Fee skis! It HAS to be her! I tell the friend I am with that I am just going to yell her name at the end of the lecture and see if she turns around. If it isn't, oh well. I can deal with that. Turns out, when the lecture was over, I was talking with my friend and see her looking at me out of the corner of my eye. I decide it has to be her. I look and say, "Get over here! I knew that was you!"
After hugs and "how are things", we exchanged numbers and vowed to call. And I will.
When I got home I found a video of our last week at school together that we made with our other dorm friends. I laughed so hard that I decided I need to have a BG get together this summer. I am going to arrange it and am so excited at the possibility of seeing these friends of mine that, for the most part, I have lost touch with but were such an important part of my life for 2-4 years.
Here is to finding old friends (however you do so).

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