Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Even though...

Even though I can complain a lot,
I really am happy most of the time.
Even though I procrastinate,
I feel so much better when things are done.
Even though it has been hard getting that second child,
I am so blessed to have such a fun, fantastic four year old.
Even though said four year old tries my patience daily,
she give the best run-hugs ever and makes my heart smile daily.
Even though I am getting my masters,
I feel like I have not given it my all.
Even though I really want to be healthy,
I still head to McDonalds for that darn Sausage McMuffin goodness.
Even though I am a teacher,
I am a human being who makes mistakes with the best of them.
Even though I usually forget to send my friends cards on their birthday,
I usually think about them at least once on their special day.
Even though I would love to write a children's book,
I still fear rejection too much to finish it.
Even though I don't tell my family enough how much they mean to me,
they are responsible for helping shape who I am and I am so grateful.
Even though TV rots my brain,
I can't turn it off.
Even though I tell my students to be organized,
I have to tell them NOT to look at my desk.
Even though I have lived thirty-seven years,
I still have not really lived.


lori said...

love it! inspired me to write my own...when i can get off the computer and turn the tv off!

littleeverydaythings said...

I enjoyed your list and liked how it had a positive spin. I can tell how much you care about others :) Welcome to SITS! Now I need to go make my own list.

Brenda Jean said...

This is great:) It's been YEARS since I wrote any poetry. I used to love it. Or maybe you didn't mean it do be a poem, but it seemed like one to me.

Welcome to SITS!