Tuesday, February 3, 2009

when does it go away?

My daughter has found a passion...horses! She loves them. I told someone who was trying to think of something to get Claire for Christmas that if she drew a picture of a horse and gave it to Claire, she would think it was the greatest thing. Today when we were driving home from school, we drove by the backyard that has two bouncy hobby horses. Excitedly Claire shouted, "Horses!" as she does each time we drive by.
When does it happen that those little things in life stop bringing us such excitement and joy? I can find joy in simple things pretty easily. Show me a sweet sleeping baby and I am a goner. But real excitement? Finding excitement in the simple things does not come as easily.
Except tonight....when I got home I saw a package on my porch. The jewelry I ordered when I "hosted" a Lia Sophia party had finally arrived! Claire and I were ecstatic! We were kids in a candy store looking through all of the jewelry. Claire was excited because she got her first real ring. But, the real excitement was there for this thirty-seven year old. Here is to finding excitement and pure joy in the little things.


lori said...

what women! excited over some baubles! love it!

Mamarazzi said...

ok got your comment. i am here to help if you are still interested in joining the swap. email me at never2pink at yahoo dot com

i see you are friens with Lori (hi Lori) she played in my last swap so she could also help you. but i am here...and will answer your questions, no problem.