Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Three Chicks in a Kitchen

Sounds like the name of a new blog, huh?

Actually it was two friends and me for most of the day today!

We had a blast figuring out things we could do with the millions of strawberries that we got when we went strawberry picking yesterday!
A small group of us when to a strawberry farm in the muddy mess to pick some berries with the kids as one of our first group outings since school has been out. Even though things were a squishy gross mess, the strawberries looked great!

A friend's first time ever strawberry picking!

Today we met at my friend’s house. On the schedule (loosely used word here) was strawberry jam..a first for all of us

and...strawberry salsa....YUMMY!!!

and...strawberry bread~Which ended up including some teeny tiny bit sized muffins (so cute)!

There was a whole lotta chopping and measuring and stirring going on in there. Everything turned out AWESOME
*well...we still have to try the's still not ready, but it looks and smells great!!!!

Thanks to my girls, Tuttle and Ilenin, for the super fun day!

Recipes soon to follow!!!!

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